Aisin Freewheeling Hub x1 70 75 80

Aisin Freewheeling Hub x1 70 75 80

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Genuine Aisin freewheeling hub to suit 70 73 75 80 series landcruisers 


This is a brand new OE Aisin brand Front Axle Free Wheeling Hub Assembly

Suitable for Toyota Landcruiser FJ70, FJ73, FJ75, FZJ70, FZJ75, HZJ70, HZJ73 and HZJ75built from 1/1990 to 8/1999

Also suitable for Toyota Landcruiser FJ80, FZJ80 and HZJ80, Standard Models without constant 4WD, built from 1/1990 to 1/1998

This hub is the gold coloured version with a scalloped mounting flange, it can be used on earlier 70 Series, 40 Series and 60 Series but will not match the round shape of the hub

This hub is manufactured by Aisin, who are the OEM manufacturer for Toyota

“Please Note: Aisin hubs will only fit 80 Series Landcruisers that have the short CV. These are found in the the models with Factory Part time kits fitted (not aftermarket) & Full Time 4WD models up until March/April 1994. Vehicles after this build date have longer CV's which will affect fitment. We take no responsibility for incorrect fitment so please use due diligence before purchasing.”