Alternator output compensator

Alternator output compensator

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The Piranha AOC makes using a DC/DC isolator for dual battery management a thing of the past, for many Toyota vehicles. Using the Piranha AOC in conjunction with a Piranha Dual Battery Manager, DBE140SF or DBE180-SX, allows you to use the available output of the alternator to recharge your AGM auxiliary battery/batteries while the vehicle is in use. It will also charge your main battery if you have changed to a high technology AGM style battery.

‘Piranha Off Road products are not associated in any way with Toyota Australia or any of its related companies’

The AOC is designed To Suit Toyota Prado 120 &150 with 3L motor, To Suit Hilux with 3L and To Suit the V8 Landcruiser, with VARIABLE RATE ALTERNATORS which up to now used a DC/DC style isolator, which is a high cost solution and limited to the output of the DC/DC. Most times slowing down the recharge time.


There are similar looking devices available that do not offer the fused protection of the Piranha AOC and are only one way. Research and engineering have combined to provide this low cost, high technology solution, suitable for today’s vehicles.

To Suit the following vehicles:

To Suit Toyota Prado 120 Series
To Suit Toyota Prado 150 Series up to 09/2015 series 3L
To Suit Toyota Hilux 2005-09/2015 3L
To Suit Landcruiser 200 series without DPF
To Suit Landcruiser 70 series V8 with ALT-S fuse