Campboss Tyre deflator set

Campboss Tyre deflator set

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The Campboss 4x4 Boss Air tyre deflators takes half the time to deflate your tyre than a conventional valve removal tyre deflator. They really are the “set and forget” method of deflating tyres, with the locking ring to maintain the pre-set pressure for next use. They will stop the deflation automatically at your pre-set PSI, ranging from 5 - 30psi. The Boss Air tyre deflators are compact, lightweight and easy to use.

Superior quality, anti-corrosive coating over a nickel-plated body, laser-etched gauge to measure accurate reading for precise pressures. Quality stainless steel internal components and a convenient neoprene pouch.

Kit Includes:

  • 4x Boss Air - automatic tyre deflators
  • 1x Premium protective storage pouch