DBA 4X4 Survival T2 Slotted Brake Rotor

DBA 4X4 Survival T2 Slotted Brake Rotor

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DBA Slotted Performance Disc Brake Rotors - T2 4x4 Survival Series

Disc Brakes Australia brings you the DBA T2 Slotted Performance Brake Rotors. Engineered in Australia to out-perform the original manufacturer's standards by using patented design features such as Kangaroo Paw Ventilation for improved heat reduction, better brake rotor strength, and rigidity, as well as the T2 bi-directional slots to increase excess gas dispersion under heavy braking giving a better, more confident pedal feel. DBA T2 slotted performance brake rotors are the perfect option for drivers looking for an upgrade to their standard brake rotors that want both improved braking performance and better aesthetics, especially because DBA T2 brake rotors have paint protected the non-friction areas that prevent rust and corrosion. DBA T2 slotted brake rotors are not just for performance vehicles, they're a perfect upgrade to a 4x4 or tow vehicle where payloads increase and require more braking performance.

The full range of DBA performance brake rotors includes:

  • DBA T2 Street Series Brake Rotors
  • DBA T3 4000 Club Spec Series Performance Brake Rotors
  • DBA T3 5000 2 Piece Club Spec Series Performance Brake Rotors

Couple your T2 slotted brake rotors with a new set of ceramic brake pads to get the most out of your braking system. With 40+ years of experience manufacturing brake rotors in Australia and knowing that all DBA disc brake rotors are a direct replacement, meaning no modification is required, you can trust DBA brake rotor are the right upgrade for your car.