Flashlube universal diesel filter

Flashlube universal diesel filter

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Flash Lube Diesel Pre Filter with Water Separator System 30um





It features a complete range of modules & features to meet any diesel filtration requirement, including common rail diesel injection systems with very low tolerances.



Dimensions: 220H x 100W x 120


Using chemically treated paper media to repel water, combined with a high-quality water trap containing an easy to drain nozzle, these 30 micron elements offer very efficient primary filtration to protect your engine from water and dirt.


It is designed to be used as a pre filter to the final factory fitted filter already fitted to the vehicle, the filter will ensure optimum protection for the injection system, which can be very costly to repair if damaged from contaminated diesel fuel.


This kit does not include hoses and barbs as there are two different sizes depending on your vehicle.


Replacement parts available for this unit include:


water bowls

waterbowl seal kits

drain plugs and filters


Optional parts include hand primer, vehicle specific mounting bracket and water sensor with dash mounted indicator. The Hose and barb kits come with a 9.5mm internal diameter hose (FDFHK01) or a 13mm internal diameter hose (FDFHK02).


We also stock the replacement filters for this unit.