JRP Edge Dual Digital Boost + EGT Gauge Kit 52mm  EGT V3 – Stainless 2520 4mm

JRP Edge Dual Digital Boost + EGT Gauge Kit 52mm EGT V3 – Stainless 2520 4mm

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The JRP Edge Dual 52mm digital EGT + Boost gauge kit is the first in the line of our combo 2in1 gauge solutions, it’s become more popular with limited space in vehicles to have gauges support more than one readout on a single gauge to save space. We plan to continue designing & manufacturing more 2in1 gauge offerings that make sense, like Water Temp + Trans Temp for example, so keep an eye on our website going forward for more releases in the JRP Edge Dual 52mm range of gauges.

The Edge Dual 52mm Boost + EGT gauge kit is an amazing little package at an amazing price, and the perfect solution for our ever growing turbo diesel 4x4 customer base. This is a 2in1 combo gauge which offers both Boost & EGT readouts on a single gauge, with boost being in the centre as a numeric readout with a maximum boost level of a whopping 99 PSI, and then you have the EGT reading as a scale type readout which displays from 100c to 1000c. It is also possible to switch the gauges to display just EGT so you have both a numeric & scale type readout for EGT, just set a boost warning and you can watch your EGT in both scale & numeric readouts and the gauge will alert you if boost exceeds your set warning level. Another little hidden feature in these gauges is they also monitor volts, the gauges have the ability to set a warning for volts as well, so in reality they are more like a 3in1 gauge, but we haven’t made a big deal of this feature. It is also possible to have the gauges display Volts as numeric and EGT on the scale if you ever wanted to do just a quick check of your volts readout.

When designing these combo gauges, we decided to have boost be in the centre as a numeric readout for a couple of reasons, the main one was it enabled us to create a gauge that supported displaying much higher boost levels of up to 99psi easily, and thanks to our high quality filtered 7-Bar map sensors we could achieve this. There are some crazy turbo diesel builds out there that run a lot more boost than 30 PSI which is what most aftermarket gauges stop at, so with these 2in1 boost & egt gauges we covered all bases so that even customers with turbo diesels running extremely high boost levels would be able to use these gauges as their combo solution for boost & egt.

Below you can find a ton of information on our JRP Edge Dual 52mm digital boost + EGT gauges, a main features breakdown, what is included in the box and for those that really like to know the product they are buying we have a decent detailed features breakdown section where we go over in detail some of the main points that make the JRP Edge range of gauges such an amazing little package. If after reading the below you have any questions, feel free to give the team here a call, email or shoot us a message on Facebook and we will be only too happy to help.