Wurth cavity wax perfect for rust prevention

Wurth cavity wax perfect for rust prevention

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Troopcarrier must have 


Wurth Protective Wax, Cavity Wax Transparent Aerosol/ Spraycan 400ml. 


For repairs and long-term preservation.

High creep capability and very good penetration

Effectively protects even hard-to-reach folds.

Water-displacement effect.

Penetrates and displaces moisture.

High thermal resistance and good cold temperature flexibility.

Resistant to high temperatures of up to +180°C.

Free of aromatic compounds.

Suitable for commercially available paints, as well as rubber and plastic components.

Corrosion protection even with low coating thickness including 50 µ.

For long-lasting protection of areas in vehicle body cavities prone to corrosion. Used for subsequent treatment of existing seals and for restoring corrosion protection after accident repair work.