FTC Decarbonizer 10Lt CEM

FTC Decarbonizer 10Lt CEM

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FTC Decarbonizer 10Lt


FTC Decarbonizer acts as a combustion catalyst to burn carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces, turbos, and DPF filters.
Burning fuel faster, easier and cleaner!
25% longer engine life.

  • Restores power and economy
  • Reduces oil use and blowby
  • Deglazes and de-cokes engines
  • Cuts smoke
  • Fast cold starts
  • Cleans diesel particulate filters
  • Extends turbocharger life
  • Kills diesel fuel growths
  • Reduces harmful emissions

Combustion Enhancer – Decarbonizer – Kills Diesel Fuel Bug outright

Designed to burn fuel faster and cleaner, as well as actually burn off carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces, FTC has saved thousands of engines from carbon related failures, rejuvenated performance and economy, increased engine life by 20% (and in some cases much more) and kept emission control equipment and sensors from malfunctioning due to deposit formations.

Mitsubishi FP418 Truck:
 (Interstate Removal firm). We first purchased FTC Decarbonizer after suffering suspected glazing in a rebuilt engine (due to light loads and cold conditions). The engine was down on power and billowed white smoke. Within six hours of using FTC, there was no white smoke and power improved. On top of that, we are saving $1000 on diesel for every 5L bottle of FTC Decarbonizer. 

FTC Decarbonizer is THE real life FIX for cylinder glaze, and carbon in combustion & exhaust spaces (including turbochargers, catalytic convertors and diesel particulate filters). You won’t need to clean or regenerate DP filters! FTC works directly at the CAUSE of the problem. FTC safely burns off all cylinder glaze and hard carbon from these areas. Using FTC, engines become totally free of hard carbon build up! The level of internal cleanliness is the most dramatic confirmation of the benefits of ongoing FTC use!!

  • Trucks, boats, 4×4’s, cars, earthmovers, farming, small 2 & 4 stroke petrols
  • Deglazes and decokes engines
  • Stops diesel smoke & improves diesel emissions
  • Assists keeping EGR’s, cat convertors, Diesel Particulate filters & exhaust sensors clean and trouble free
  • No need to regenerate or physically clean DP filters
  • Restores power & economy
  • Actually speeds combustion to produce more power for the same fuel burnt.
  • Fast cold starts
  • Reduces blow by & oil use
  • 1Ltr treats 1600Ltrs of Diesel