Hulk 4X4 DC-DC Fully Automatic Battery Charger - 40 Amp 12v

Hulk 4X4 DC-DC Fully Automatic Battery Charger - 40 Amp 12v

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  • Automatic Input Selection

    Automatically selects the input, Alternator, Solar, DC, based on the Active input. No manual switching required.

  • Dual Charging Mode

    Works with both fixed voltage (standard voltage 12-24V) and variable voltage (Smart Alternators).

  • Ignition Connection

    Allows “Low Input Operation” suitable for variable voltage alternators.

  • Multi-Chemistry Charging

    Capable of charging a variety of rechargeable batteries, like Lead Acid Wet / Flooded types, GEL, AGM, MF, Calcium and Lithium batteries.

  • Solar MPPT Regulator

    Maximises the power available from solar panels even in low light.

  • 7 Stage Intelligent Switch Mode Charging

    Unique charging algorithm enhances the life of batteries by ensuring a full charge and conditioning. It also recovers batteries many times faster than an alternator.

  • Wide Operating Range

    Vehicle voltage input from 11 – 32 Volt, Solar input is from 9 – 42 Volt and DC input (40amp only) 11 – 32 Volt.

  • Temperature Compensation

    Using the temperature sensor, the charger continually adjusts its charge rate to suit the battery temperature protecting the battery from overcharging and overheating.

  • Super Quiet Operation

    No internal fan ensures a super quiet operation.

  • Parallel Connection Units

    Can be connected in parallel to provide more output when using high output alternators.