JRP Edge Digital Diesel Boost Gauge Kit 0-30 PSI 52mm

JRP Edge Digital Diesel Boost Gauge Kit 0-30 PSI 52mm

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With the huge success of the initial launch of the JRP Edge range of gauges mid 2021, we didn’t waste any time starting the development of more models to add to the range. And with our ever growing commitment to our 4x4 customer base, we are proud to introduce the JRP Edge 52mm 0-30 PSI digital diesel boost gauge kit. These little units are designed specifically for turbo diesel vehicles, being that diesel motors don’t have vacuum, there is no need for their boost gauges to have vacuum as part of their display. So these little 52mm LCD diesel boost gauges have a readout range of 0 to 30 PSI and only display positive manifold pressures as part of the numeric and outer scale display. Something else we made changes on with this incarnation of the Edge range of gauges is the size of the graphics used to make up the gauges display, our other models in the range use finer blocks for the outer scale display, being that we no longer had to display vacuum as well as boost on the scale, we had a lot more room to work with. So our design team toyed with the idea of creating larger blocks on the outer display and the end result we think looks great. This makes the scale part of the gauge clearer to read than our non-diesel boost gauges, without them looking strange if you were to have them running next to our other Edge models which use the smaller graphics on the outer scale part of the gauge. When you have these diesel boost gauges running next to say our water temp, or EGT gauges for example, they still look very well matched, and if we do say so ourselves, the two different size scale readouts look pretty good when paired together.

Another improvement we made just for these 0-30 PSI dedicated turbo diesel boost gauges is, we have developed a 3-bar boost sensor specifically for these models and is included as part of this kit. Our multi gauge and boost & egt gauges are using our trusty 7-bar map sensor, and while these are still great sensors, there really wasn’t any need for a boost sensor to include with these kits that can read up to 99 PSI, and being we are sending the sensors readings over a 0-5v data line, if only using 30 PSI of the sensors capability we are really only using around 2v of that signal to send the data, this results in a lower signal resolution. So, the idea was to create a boost sensor to pair with these gauges where it was using the full 5v to report back to the gauge which improves stability and accuracy. Not that our 99 PSI sensors aren’t accurate or stable, they very much are, but we here at JRP like to improve on design wherever possible and this is just another way we could improve things to make what we would consider the best diesel boost gauge we could.

We here at JRP have really tried our best to offer a wide range of gauges that cater for our diesel customers, and we will continue to develop more gauge products that make sense for this ever growing customer base. Along with the launch of these 0-30 PSI boost gauges for diesel, we had added models to the line such as IAT to keep an eye on the intake air temperatures of turbo diesels, to a dedicated transmission temp gauge for those with automatic transmissions to keep an eye on while towing. We are doing our best each year to increase our range of diesel specific products and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Below you can find a bunch more information on our 30 PSI Edge 52mm diesel boost gauges, a main features breakdown, what is included in the box and for those that really like to know the product they are buying we have a decent detailed features breakdown section where we go over in detail some of the main points that make the JRP Edge range of gauges such an amazing little package. If after reading the below you have any questions, feel free to give the team here a call, email or shoot us a message on Facebook and we will be only too happy to help.