Redarc sbi12 battery isolator

Redarc sbi12 battery isolator

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Safely charge your dual-battery system with the SmartStart SBI12 battery isolator, which is designed as a solenoid priority system and is smarter than a continuous-duty solenoid. Part of the REDARC Smart Start® range of microprocessor-controlled battery isolators, the SBI12 simultaneously protects the start battery from excessive discharge and lets the auxiliary battery supply charge to non-essential loads. Designed to protect your 4WD against a flat battery, the SBI12 could save you the hassle of needing roadside assistance and give you more peace of mind while travelling. REDARC know the importance of power when you're both on and off road; the REDARC Smart Start® battery isolator only draws approximately 0.15A when engaged and utilises power-saving technology.

The REDARC SmartStart® range is designed for use in 4WD and commercial vehicles and is Australia's most trusted duel battery isolator. If you want to invest in a battery isolator that is used by 4WD clubs across Australia, a REDARC SmartStart isolator is the pick for you! Featuring silver contacts for longer life, surge protection, low-standby current draw, cooler operating temperatures, and overload design, the SmartStart® isolator is built to last on the road in Australian conditions - it is even sprayed with silicon sealant so that contacts will not be exposed to moisture in tropical climates or during marine application. Sophisticated fault-protection technology uses LED indication to warn the user of faults, such as over voltage, voltage drop, and excessive current-draw conditions.

If you are after a model for extremely heavy-duty operations, check out the 200A SmartStart models - SBI212 (12V 200A) and SBI224 (24V 100A). If the SBI12 is the right Battery Isolator for you, check out the SBI12KIT Wiring Kit, which comes with everything you need to install your Smart Start® Dual Battery Isolator, as well as the Smart Start® itself!

REDARC Battery Isolator 12V 100A SPECS

Input (Operating) Voltage: 12VDC
Output Current Rating (Cont.): 100A
Input Fuse Rating: 60A
Output Fuse Rating: 60A
Warranty: 2 Years
Length (mm): 80
Width (mm): 75
Height (mm): 63
Weight (kg): 0.2